Michał's resources for teaching Polish to kids


I live in California and I am teaching my daughter Polish. It is not easy for me to buy books or other materials to teach her Polish. Whenever I visit Poland, I bring back a few books but it's not practical to rely on my trips to Poland. So, I have decided to write this page to collect both things that I create myself (like flash cards) and to give pointers to other resources that may help with teaching Polish.

My materials

I have created a set of flashcards for learning the Polish alphabet. You can download them here, print out, cut into individual cards and laminate. The flash cards are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license versions 3.0.

Other places on the web

I am interested in teaching Polish to small children and I haven't found much relevant material online. However, there are quite a few links for learning Polish by adults. They're easy to find with a search engine or you can start at the wikipedia aticle about Polish.
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Last updated: 2008-02-23 by Michał Cierniak.